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Shock up the world! 600 tons bridge-beam type carriage for 1100 KV transformer

Our product 600 tons bridge-beam type carriage for 1100 KV transformer, it is 33m long ,12m wide and 18.5 high, the trip of the giant transformer of 607500KVA from Xinjing Changji to Changji development zone transforming station has done successfully by 6 days. The project is the highest level, biggest capacity, farthest distance power supply project, it is well-known as the top project on the world.  

650 ton·m wind turbine blade loading test

Our product self-rising and rotating wind turbine blade transportation vehicle for 650 ton·m blade is testing loading, the result is very good. It is the best special vehicle for the giant blade transportation.  

Supper lower hydraulic platform vehicle road test

In the recent days, our product 12 axles supper lower hydraulic platform vehicle for CGN road test as shown. The test is accepted by the user fully. The product is for nuclear waste transportation.  

100 Tons Tower Tube Clamp-transportation Loading Site

Recently, the 100 Tons Tower Tube Clamp-transportation equipment was delivered to work. The equipment is used for the transportation of Tower Tube from 4.8m to 5.6m of diameter, 100 tons. of max load.   

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