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Wuhan Shenjun Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Wuhan Shenjun Special-Purpose Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a special purpose vehicle manufacturing enterprise approved by the state. The semi-trailer series products produced by the company won the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Railways and the silver medal of National Association of Consumer Trustworthy, and has been awarded the High-tech Enterprise, Model Taxpayer, Industry Top Ten Enterprise and other honorary titles by the provincial, municipal and district government.

The company has a strong product design and development capability and experience, twenty three of the company's inventions are patented. The company has established a quality management system in accordance with ISO9001, and has passed the CQC mandatory certification of automobile products and the European Union CE certification. Main products: the company produces a variety of products with different forms and specifications, that is, hydraulic modular trailer, special heavy-duty transportation equipment such as high girder bridge, drop deck and extendable trailer used to transport super-long, ultra-high and overweight goods, as well as other special purpose transporter and equipment including various forms of lowbed trailer, port-specific trailer, container transport trailer and ladle (slag ladle) carrier.


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08 26, 2022

Shock up the world! 600 tons bridge-beam type carriage for 1100 KV transformer

Our product 600 tons bridge-beam type carriage for 1100 KV transformer, it is 33m long ,12m wide and 18.5 high, the trip
11 23, 2022

650 ton·m wind turbine blade loading test

Our product self-rising and rotating wind turbine blade transportation vehicle for 650 ton·m blade is testing loa
11 23, 2022

Supper lower hydraulic platform vehicle road test

In the recent days, our product 12 axles supper lower hydraulic platform vehicle for CGN road test as shown. The test is
12 01, 2023

100 Tons Tower Tube Clamp-transportation Loading Site

Recently, the 100 Tons Tower Tube Clamp-transportation equipment was delivered to work. The equipment is used for the
11 30, 2023

Transport Trailer is an efficient cargo transportation solution

In today's highly developed business environment, the demand for cargo transportation is increasing and the requirem